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In the sector of vehicle production there is the need to examine elements and components. The determination of the resistance and the behaviour in different climatic regions, including dry and humid heat play a major role. Therefore Open-air spaces in Florida / Arizona / South Africa and others are used. This test boxes offer the advantage that no vehicle is required and an examination is possible at an early stage. The test box can be used universally for endurance test outdoors.



      •    Weight :
      •    max. 300kg without internals
      •    Standards and Regulations :
      •    test according to DIN 75220
      •    Dimensions :
      •    Length 1722mm / Height 1280mm / Width 1220mm
      •    Testing-plate Charge :
      •    max. 100kg
      •    Components Test Box :
      •    test chamber / surge / cover with glazing / sealing / passages left and right for measuring equipment
      •    Charging Door :
      •    lockable cover / opening angle 88°, in the closed state 30° / 5mm VSG glas (other types on request) / 100% tightness
      •    Tightness Specifications :
      •    The enclosure is sealed against splash water and moisture penetration
      •    Special Versions :
      •    wheels / back wall insulation / floor insulation
      •    Passages :
      •    lateral openings left and right for use with passages of different dimensions




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