Solar Simulation with Full Spectrum


BF Engineering solar simulation systems with full spectrum light are used for aging tests, materials testing, air conditioning tests or emissions test benches. The radiation source guarantees the reproduction of natural sunlight according to the CIE 20 and CIE 85.



      •    Simulation of Scenarios :
      •    tunnel, clouds, sunrise to sunset simulation
      •    Standards and Regulations :
      •    f.e. DIN 75220
      •    Light Spectrum :
      •    variable configuration
      •    Control System :
      •    interactive via PC, touch panel or individual control system
      •    Measurement :
      •    pyranometer, black standard thermo sensor
      •    External Conditions :
      •    adjustment to temperature, climate, wind, acoustic, etc
      •    Installation :
      •    X-Y-Z adjustment, irradiation angle
      •    Custom Product :
      •    f.e. watercooled lamps
      •    Customization :
      •    individual construction fitting to your requirements
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