Lighting for crash tests & high-speed filming


BF Engineering provides lighting installations for crash scenarios where high speed cameras are filming in slow motion. We are offering lamps with HMI and LED technology. The lighting systems of BF Engineering are characterized by a high luminous efficiency, light output stability and great flexibility.



      •    Utilization :
      •    Airbag test benches, Real crash tests and sled crash tests, Pedestrian test stands, etc.
      •    Power class :
      •    HMI lamps: 1200 W, 2500 W, 4000 W  /  LED lamps: 300 - 4000 W (individual)
      •    Boost-Power function :
      •    Boost up to 200% light power for 15-20 seconds (optional for HMI and LED)
      •    Lightcolour :
      •    6000 K
      •    Individual equipment :
      •    Tripods, Mobile panels, 1-5 axes frame movement
      •    Low-temperature area :
      •    Up to -40°C
      •    Shutter :
      •    Electronic shutter (optional)
      •    Integration to control system :
      •    For all common interfaces
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BF Engineering GmbH
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