We are very proud to introduce you to our newest solar simulation system, which simulates the daily course of the sun. Our technicians just take the "giant" in operation at the company Hanon system in Korea. The approximately 15-ton plant simulates with its 180 degree swivel awning the path of the sun exactly by a flexible moving technology system built by BF Engineering. This innovation offers an irradiation surface of 8 meters with individual lamp segments that can be moved separately to ensure the optimum irradiation intensity and homogeneity. The developed radiation technique provides a true simulation of the solar cycle and is one of our most successful products.

Our irradiation systems can be found in various wind tunnels and climatic chambers all around the world (LG, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Audi, and many more.) in the automotive, railway, military and aerospace industry. The goal is to reproduce nature with all its elements and to force the test as authentic as possible. In addition our innovative shutter system can simulate a ride under a cloudy sky or in a tunnel without having to turn off the lights. Each of the 32 installed lamps has 4,000 watts, which corresponds to a staggering total output power of 128 kilowatts. One month in a test center represents approximately 4 years of sunlight in the Sahara. Professional software and exact calibration can adjust different solar intensity and angle of irradiation. In a material test like this the aging process is accelerated by irradiation to check UV resistance, impact resistance and weatherability. The aim of the test facilities is to detect possible problems before they would occur in practice. This avoids expensive recalls, increases the quality of the products and finally guarantee the customers maximum satisfaction.








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