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Lately BFE was part of the TESTING EXPO in Stuttgart. Because of the big demand the last years we increased our stuff at the booth this year to 4 people: 

Stefan Riebl (CEO), Thomas Laubenstein (Project & Sales Manager), Daniela Bejarano (Service & Project Manager) and Daniel Breuer (Marketing Manager). 

As BFE was becoming the worldmarket leader for solar simulation over the past few years many new customers from all over the world were coming to Stuttgart to talk to us. 

We feel honored that some visitors only came to Germany for visiting our booth and talking to us in person.


Testing Expo CHENNAI, June 2018



Testing Expo CHENNAI, June 2018


FAIRS 2017


Testing Expo DETROIT, October 2017 




Testing Expo SHANGHAI, September 2017


The year 2017 was a very successful year for the BF Group and also for BF Engineering GmbH.

Due to the global demand - especially in the Asian region - it is necessary to maintain an extensive network in the specific area of ​​the testing industry. The fair "Testing Expo" offers the perfect platform to meet old and new customers. The relaxed atmosphere outside of offices promotes partnerships and meanwhile also friendships. At the same time it is also a crucial opportunity to present the latest developments to the industry, as there are many decision makers around. The response during and after the fair was very good with the exception of Korea. While we have good existing business relationships in Korea, it has been difficult to engage with new customers, because unfortunately people did not like to speak English here. Therefore, next year we will not participate in Korea, but will only be represented by our Korean partner company. Instead we are planning for 2018 (January) for the first time a fair appearance in India (Chennai).

Our highlight this year was a 3D simulation of a solar simulation system with the HoloLens from Microsoft. State-of-the-art MR technology (Mixed Reality) projects holograms into the viewer's field of vision through glasses. Within a climate chamber, you can visualize the planned system from the CAD design and determine whether any space problems arise long before the system is actually built. The goggles represent the plant with millimeter accuracy and thus allow very realistic problem analysis. At the fair it was useful to reduce the solar simulation systems by voice to 35% of the original size. The arc movement was animated and represented fluent sunrise to sunset and astonished so many viewers. Our partner for this trend-setting technology is the MVI-Group in Munich. 

In addition BFE introduced a new CI this year to avoid confusion within the BF Group. We are currently working on the new homepage, but you can already see the new design in the following pictures of recent booths:

Testing Expo STUTTGART, June 2017






FAIRS 2016

This year the Testing Expo fair in Shanghai took place for the first time at the large World Exhibition Center in Pudong to comply with the growing demand of the past years. It was the largest testing fair ever held in China and a total of around 5,000 visitors attended this year's exhibition. The 220 exhibitors presented their latest testing equipment on the highest technological level for three days in an international atmosphere. Similar to the Testing Expo fair in Stuttgart, we had a lot of interesting conversations and create new exciting business contacts. Our Chinese subsidiary BF China will look after the development of the new (primarily Asian) projects. Our sales manager of BF China Mr. Ju Xiaofan (3rd from left) was a great help to avoid language barriers with Chinese prospects. On the left is Ben Kwon, our Korean partner of Atics Engineering Inc., a wind tunnel specialist with whom we have already realized several major projects. He supported us in communicating with Korean prospective customers and exhibited his latest development - the hybrid wind tunnel - at our booth. A hand-made electrified model (far left in the glass box) of the hybrid wind tunnel caused a lot of attention and attracted many visitors. The special feature of this development is the simple modular system of the wind tunnel, combined with our solar simulation system for simulating solar radiation from sunrise to sunset. This combination brings the test facility very close to reality and allows any weather conditions to be replicated indoors. On the right of the picture you can see the CEO Stefan Riebl in conversation with Mr. Jenter and Mr. Jehs from our partner CTS-Umweltsimulation, who are specialists for the construction of climate chambers. 

We are very satisfied with the fair and will be exhibiting again in Shanghai next year.

From 25th to 27th of October we will have a booth for the first time at the Testing Expo fair in Detroit. We will be pleased to send you a free entry ticket.

Testing Expo Shanghai, September 2016 



 Testing Expo STUTTGART, June 2016


This year the BF Engineering GmbH had a booth at the Testing Expo in Stuttgart. The fair report of the organizers spoke of a markable increase in visitors compared to last year and that was also what we recognized. Our stand received great attention from international visitors and we talked about a lot of exciting projects. We offered our own branded beer by BF Engineering from the traditional bavarian brewery Tegernsee and also Bavarian brezels and snacks to our guests. 


 German beer and snacks for our visitors

In this niche market it depends mainly on personal contacts, which can be closed at a trade fair as the Testing Expo very well. In such specific sectors it is often not easy to find each other online, therefore a specialized fair such as the Testing Expo providers a perfect chance for customers and producers to find each other and perform successful joint projects. From September 27th - 29th the BF Engineering GmbH will be at the Testing Expo in Shanghai for the first time, since the Asian market continues to grow and offers great potential for solar simulation. In addition this year two other trade fairs in Turkey (Istanbul) and the USA (Michigan) are planned. We are very excited about the newly formed relationships from which great projects will grow and would like to thank all visitors and prospective customers in Stuttgart! We look forward to next year at our stand (no. 1275) to welcoming you in Stuttgart!







We are very proud to introduce you to our newest solar simulation system, which simulates the daily course of the sun. Our technicians just take the "giant" in operation at the company Hanon system in Korea. The approximately 15-ton plant simulates with its 180 degree swivel awning the path of the sun exactly by a flexible moving technology system built by BF Engineering. This innovation offers an irradiation surface of 8 meters with individual lamp segments that can be moved separately to ensure the optimum irradiation intensity and homogeneity. The developed radiation technique provides a true simulation of the solar cycle and is one of our most successful products.

Our irradiation systems can be found in various wind tunnels and climatic chambers all around the world (LG, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Audi, and many more.) in the automotive, railway, military and aerospace industry. The goal is to reproduce nature with all its elements and to force the test as authentic as possible. In addition our innovative shutter system can simulate a ride under a cloudy sky or in a tunnel without having to turn off the lights. Each of the 32 installed lamps has 4,000 watts, which corresponds to a staggering total output power of 128 kilowatts. One month in a test center represents approximately 4 years of sunlight in the Sahara. Professional software and exact calibration can adjust different solar intensity and angle of irradiation. In a material test like this the aging process is accelerated by irradiation to check UV resistance, impact resistance and weatherability. The aim of the test facilities is to detect possible problems before they would occur in practice. This avoids expensive recalls, increases the quality of the products and finally guarantee the customers maximum satisfaction.







Last year the BF Engineering GmbH had a booth at the Testing Expo in Stuttgart, Shanghai and Detroit. 

This year BF Engineering will be part of ALL Testing Expo fairs worldwide to present our latest technologies and products. 







The BF Engineering GmbH in Geretsried is one of the 500 Growth Champions 2016 in Germany, the news magazine FOCUS has chosen.

In the competition together with the online portal Statista 13,500 independent companies were evaluated nationwide.

Here you can read an article of the local newspager MERKUR. 

 Here you can download the original edition of FOCUS. (5,99€)







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