The BF Engineering GmbH has a very motivated team with extensive knowledge and years of experience in lighting technology, as well as in the realization of irradiation facilities and lighting systems.

Our engineering team has more than 300 projects realized in this composition in the last 20 years worldwide in the area of solar simulation and high-speed lighting.

The development department of BF Engineering has the know-how of over 20 years of experience in the development and construction of lamps, ignitors and electronic power supplies for solar simulation and lighting systems.

The BF Engineering GmbH is integrated as a separate company to the BF Group. The full resources of the group in the field of consulting, manufacturing, processing, production, manufacturing, installation and commissioning are based on a shared infrastructure.

The BF Maschinen GmbH thereby offers large and modern technology production sectors, such as mechanical manufacturing, welding, metalworking, control cabinet and electrical construction, painting and assembly. This is facilitated by an extraordinary level of vertical integration and provides great flexibility for special projects.

The BF Consulting supports BF Engineering in the fields of Strategy, Investment and Controlling.

The partner company NESYS GmbH is a LED specialist and supports BF Engineering with expertise and corresponding lamps for LED crash test lighting systems.

All design and engineering work in lighting, mechanical, electrical and software are carried out by the BF Engineering to provide the top standard of German engineering.


  Over 20 years of experience


  Leader in lighting systems


  Inhouse production


  Made in Germany


  Worldwide service



BF Engineering GmbH
Wallensteinstraße 5
D-82538 Geretsried

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